How long I have to wait for my order?

Orders placed before 01:00PM will be shipped in 1 working day (not counting holidays and weekends) starting from:

  • the moment of placing the order with a chosen cash upon delivery payment (available in Malta);]
  • the moment of recording a payment with a prepaid order (PayPal, bank transfer, Credit Card).

Attention: Orders placed after 01:00 PM are treated as placed on the next day.
Packages are shipped with a courier within 1 working day in Malta and 3-5 working days abroad. If you want to receive more information about your package, please contact our Customer Care department: +35627033033.

Can I return my purchase?

According to the current law, as a consumer, you can return the unused bought online purchase within 14 days from the moment of receiving your parcel. Contact the Customer Care Department: +35627033033 or send the purchase (it must be well protected) with receipt to our address: 

B-PRO Systems
Triq il-Bacir il-Gdid
Paola PLA 1501

with a note ‘RETURN’

The payment for the returned purchase will be sent to the bank account or to the PayPal account (provided in the return form), within 14 days from the date of the shipment appeared in our storage.

How can I make a complaint?

You can file a complaint if products are defective, damaged or incompatible with the order. Complaints about non-compliance in the order and a damaged product should be reported within 72 hours from the time the package is picked up. If you want to file a complaint, please contact the Customer Care Department by phone: +35627033033 or send the purchase (it must be well protected) with receipt to our address:

B-PRO Systems
Triq il-Bacir il-Gdid
Paola PLA 1501

with a note ‘COMPLAINT’

What payments do we accept?

Cash on delivery – the courier accepts the payment when delivering the order

Online transfer – in the e-mail informing about the order and the rules of the store, there is information about the bank accounts numbers.

Credit cards – fast online transfer by credit card.

PayPal – online payment booked automatically. When making payment, remember to check the option that the payment should be not converted in the case of payments in Euro and Pounds.

What are the bank details if I opt to pay by Bank Transfer?

Bank Name:  BOV

IBAN: MT04VALL22013000000040022245337


Beneficiary: Silcare Malta

Products, Devices and Styling

Can B-PRO Systems products be sensitizing?

B-PRO Systems products have received the Quality Certificate of the Independent Dermatest ® Institute, which confirms that our products are safe for health. Our formulas are developed by specialists and all the ingredients are carefully selected to minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Unfortunately, despite the utmost care in choosing the compositions, there is a possibility that particularly vulnerable people may have unwanted reaction to any of the components used in cosmetic products.

Where are B-PRO Systems Polishes manufactured?

Most B-PRO Systems products, including our Gel Polishes and the SPA series, are produced in the European Union. The exceptions are auxiliary preparations that we produce in non EU countries. Detailed information about the place of production can be found on each packaging.

Why the product may not harden?
  • too short curing time
  • the lamp may be too weak for the product
  • inadequate lamp for the product, for example: Take Your Time gel or Builder Clear cured in a classic 36 W Lamp, will not reach 100% of its advantages
  • omitting or replacing products in the styling scheme according to Indigo
  • too thick layer of the product that does not harden in 100%
  • too thin layer of the product, which does not allow proper application of next layers of stylization
  • incorrectly held hand in the lamp
  • too weak lamp for the product type or its pigmentation
  • too short curing time
What can cause shrinking, wrinkling and bad spreading of the color?
  • too thick base layer, which during the polymerization in the lamp gives off too much dispersion – this causes the color to be removed from the free edge
  • the product is not partially hardened – the color will behave similarly to the too thick base layer, each subsequent layer of the product will be harder to overlap and the styling will be very unstable
  • too thick layer of color, the pigment makes the light of the lamp can not penetrate into the deeper layers of the product and hardens them only partially
  • improperly prepared nail tile – any improperly made styling layer can affect the subsequent stages of manicure
  • a product unmatched to the lamp